Sarv Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti has been working in Udham Singh Nagar (Uttarakhand) and Bijnor (Uttar Pradesh). Udham Singh Nagar is victim of natural disaster – extreme at present, poverty, gender discrimination and lack of infrastructure. In Bijnor and Udham Singh Nagar lack of infrastructure and other required facilities the soci-economic condition of the people of the area is at very poor and the people are staying in downtrodden conditions. 

In the working area of organisation The people are living in rural poverty must overcome numerous hardships to earn money and feed their children. Many people are suffering malnutrition and are not capable to get jobs because they are not literate. Even some of the youth are educated but not having proper jobs are facing problems and struggling to get good survival conditions. cannot read or write. The educational status in both the districts is very poor level.

Sarv Jan Kalyan Sewa Samiti has been working to improve the status of the people and working to establish a strong and active community based group to redress the predominant issues; more precisely the education and health as well as socio-environmental concerns. The current concept and strategy is to strongly focus on physical and mental fitness of the persons of the working areas, to provide them better health and educational opportunities and facilities and make them socially awared. NGO has been working directly at the grassroots level, in a spirit of enabling people of backward and downtrodden communities to build upon their skills, initiatives, resources and entitlements to conquer health problems, illiteracy, poverty and inequality.